About Derrick “Deek” Ivory

Leadership at the Undergraduate level (Omicron Theta Spring 91)

Served as Basileus and Keeper of Records and Seal

Leadership at the Graduate level

Basileus of two Graduate Chapters – Tau Upsilon and Nu Chi Chapters

Leadership at the District level

State Representative

10th District Keeper of Records and Seal

10th District 1st Vice District Representative

10th District Representative

  • LIFE MEMBER #3954

  • Community Service Liaison Awardee

  • Local Chapter Omega Man of the Year for two different Graduate Chapters

  • 10th District Omega Man of the Year

  • International Graduate Omega Man of the Year 2016

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I have had the unique opportunity to watch Bro. Derrick Ivory enhance his leadership skills through experience and by overcoming obstacles and issues in our Nu Chi Chapter and then in his progressive growth on the 10th District Leadership Team
I am proud to support his sincere, worthwhile ambition to become a Grand Officer of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. I will be asking the District Representatives and Grand Officers that I served with on the 10th District Council and the Supreme Council to also join this effort to secure his success.
I am elated to support my DR, as he seeks the office of Grand Keeper of Records and Seal. I have been active in the Tenth District for more than fifty years. I have observed his diligence in service to our Fraternity. Whatever assignment he’s undertaken he has “seen it through.”
As a leader, he’s a visionary. The thoughts and precepts he sets forth in “Omega 2030”, specifically “service with technology” is without a doubt a visionary forecast for our beloved Fraternity.
As the past 23rd Tenth District Representative, and a past Chairman of the Omega Life Membership Foundation, but most importantly an Omega Man who believes Friendship is Essential to the Soul.
I endorse Brother Derrick Ivory for the office of Grand Keeper of Records and Seal.

Bro. Ivory is a leader amongst leaders and has proven himself many times over. He’s always trying to do what’s right. Even when no one is looking.

Exceptional Leader. Tried & Tested. Bro. Ivory always exceeds expectations.

Brother Derrick “Deek” Ivory is definitey the brother for this job. As our Tenth District Keeper of Records and Seal, he elevated the office to a new level. I am looking forward to Brother Ivory taking the office of Grand Keeper of Records and Seal to a new level.

Great Leader! Phenomenal Friend! Exceptional Visionary with amazing Work Ethic.

Brother Derrick Ivory, a man committed to his Faith, Family and Fraternity.  A brother’s Friend, Prepared Leader, Responsive, Committed Socially and Dedicated.   

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